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Happy 2023 Tax Season!

2022&2023 Tax Return Preparation

Thank you!

You have chosen Looking Out For You Services to prepare your income tax for years 2022 and 2023

Form 1040 Federal Income Tax Return

Fee: $215.00


NOTE: This fee is for wage earners (w2)

Schedule K or Schedule C, Gross Receipts, 1099 or itemized deductions preparation additional fees are billed a different rate depending on number of schedules needed. 

Preparation needs requiring review of bank records to compile data for 

return preparation are subject to additional fees.

Form 540 State Income Tax Return

Fee: $80.00

* There are no refunds issued for services provided.

Thank you,



Tax Return Preparation Personal and Business

Prices are established as shown. If you are receiving multiple tax return preparations at the same time, a 15% discount will be applied to your balance for years subsequent to 2022 & 2023 returns.   Alternative remittance of payment for services will be provided for payment accordingly.

                                                                                      LOFY offers no refunds for any services provided.


Tax Representation

 For Power of Attorney form 2848 Licensed to practice before the IRS  to resolve your tax matters.

Service includes: 

Initial Analysis Setup

Contact IRS to review the status of your account. Request of documents and records which are transcripts of your tax account showing transaction per tax year/quarter. Professional evaluation. Requesting holds on qualified accounts to avoid Enforcement Action. Providing you with a comprehensive explanation and breakdown of issues to set up a "Plan Of Action" on your tax account for you to follow. Four hours of Enrolled Agent services with Initial Analysis Setup at $425.00

* Continued services after "Initial  Analysis Setup" will be billed per hour $115.00 only in connection with the "Initial Analysis Setup.



Business Formation Limited Liability

The Business Process

Setting up your Limited Liability Company/ LLC is great way to put protection on your personal assets. No one ever wants to face a law suit of any kind, but in case it occurs, to have your business established as an LLC provides a layer of protection as you create a healthy financial balance for operating your company.


What's included in the LLC Business Formation:

Preparation and submission of Articles, States Filing Fees, Looking Out For You Services Fees. What is included: We follow up on status of your application, emailing you updates, electronic proof of application submission, certified copy of Articles of Organization once finalized, Statement of Information filing, SMLLC Operating Agreement and Agent of Service "required by law & renews annually at the fee established for Agent of Service as shown below . Also, if needed, time spent for clarification and corrections of possible submission oversights at no additional charge.

For LLC's organized after 01/01/2021 and before 01/01/2024 the first year $800.00 tax is waived.

Fee for complete services as listed above $335.00


Selective Services


Tax Representation by the hour


Addressing IRS(Federal) and/or FTB(States) account related matters to resolve tax matters.


SMLLC Operation Agreement


As required in the State of California, Limited Liability Company's must have an Operating Agreement per regulations.


Registered Agent Services

$98.00 annually

As required with the state, a registered agent must be on record to receive all of your company's legal notices, to ensure a responsible entity receives correspondence. 

Selective Services

Form 990

Tax exempt return for Non-Profit Organizations NPO

Message for Fee

Form 1065

US Partnership Tax Return -IRS

Message for Fee

Form S1120

US Sub Corporation Tax Return- IRS

Message for Fee

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